About Us

We began by  building stone walls to protect the edge overlooking the river and the mango tree,  with a lot of hard labor and the help of friends and family. When we started the  project, the land and the edge were degraded, due to the fact that the land was  neglected for so many years. Now, after we have brought it back to life again, there are many plants and trees that grow in harmony around our resort. We  can’t believe we are running on our fourth year already. We pride ourselves in making sure our resort (Centre) blends in perfectly with the unimpaired image of its natural surroundings. Check out our Permaculture page for more information about the permaculture philosophy.

We are also actively involved with developing and promoting eco adventure tourism in the Lamjung district.

We are not just a place where you can sleep, eat and enjoy the beautiful scenery. We are also a place that focuses on sustainability, permaculture and organic farming. Whenever possible we try to source the staff and supplies locally so that the money stays in our small the local community.   When we started building in January 2012, there was absolutely nothing here. We  tried to limit the use of high energy embodied building materials. Because of the  terrain, it was very difficult to get the materials here. For some materials it took  months to arrive. We used traditional methods and tools to cut trees and bamboo.  We collected stones and sand from a nearby river. We used only local people  during our construction phase creating opportunities locally.

Check out our Adventure page for more information about the activities we can offer. We speak English, Nepali, Hindi and Dutch, also a little bit of Spanish, German and French.