Mango Tree Special: Honey Hunting



Twice a year in Lamjung district, honey hunting community gathers to harvest the wild honey. Honey Hunters suspend themselves on a long ladder hundred of feet high to reach beehives hanging from a huge cliff. They climb up and down the ladder made out of organic material – it’s not your average rope and ladder –  to harvest the sweetest Honey. They flush out the bees with smoke and use long poles to get to the honeycombs, which they then catch in a basket. In Nepal, honey hunting has been practiced for hundreds of years and is a vital part of indigenous Gurung’s culture. Read our article published on the Kathmandu Post.

We can organize private honey hunting trips during harvest season as well as actively involved with organising Honey Hunting festival in Lamjung District.  Contact us for  dates and packages!

Watch the Video – Honey Hunting Festival