Mango Tree Special: Puranokot

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Puranokot is a small village in the Lamjung region, located at about 1600 meters altitude. The village is relatively unexplored by travellers and tourists, but has a huge potential to create a tourism product to serve those who are interested in adventure, history, culture and nature. They have a wonderful natural wall for rock climbing or abseiling, probably the tallest natural rock climbing wall in Nepal.

First and foremost, Puranokot is a very important historical place. The name Puranokot literally means ‘old fort’. It is a historical place with close relations to the Shah Dynasty. It has many historical references such as the remainder of places (Puranokot Darbar- Historical Royal Palace), an ancient gate, sentry posts of archeological importance, and much more. The villagers of Puranokot are predominantly Gurung which shows in their daily life. They are focused on organic farming and all have free range animals like chickens, goats and cows. Puranokot has amazing views and also a beautiful rhododendron forest which blooms with beautiful flowers in the summer.

We can offer a guided trek to the village (which is about three hours walk from mango Tree), homestays at friendly locals, great conversation and all local meals included. Contact us for the best package deal.