The work of a volunteer varies a lot from season to season and from day to day. Volunteers usually put in 5 to 6 hours of work each day. You will also be able to explore the area, spend some time with the guests or participate in the activities.

Our projects
Some examples of projects you can help us with: several building projects, food growing, making compost, pruning and general care of (fruit) trees, looking after the chickens and feeding the fish, planting vegetable beds and maintaining them, general farm upkeep and day to day running of our resort. Depending on the amount visitors we have you can stay in a hut or a tent. You will receive accommodation and three meals per day and an experience you’ll never forget.

How to apply
We are looking for people who have a passion for nature and are interested in sustainable adventure tourism; people who are independent, mature, responsible and physically fit.
Please, when contacting us, write a little bit about yourself. Let us know the following: your age, what you studied, if you have any past experiences in volunteering, your skills and your interests. If you have done a PDC (Permaculture Design Course), let us know as well. Tell us about when you would like to come and how long you would like to stay. Also let us know what your expectations are for this experience.Please email us  to request an application form and check availability. The application process usually takes about one to two weeks.

Unlike other volunteering options, we do not want to charge you a lot of money to come work here. We have one basic principle; you pay for your expenses only. We ask for 1000 Rupees (which is about U$10) per day per person to cover extra costs for food, electricity, gas and water. Your money will go straight to Mango Tree Resort and the development of the resort and/or the surrounding community. We encourage people to stay for two weeks or longer, as this will make your stay more effective and the experience will be deeper on both ends.